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 So, I failed on my July challenge/costuming.  Serenity is sitting downstairs unfinished.  In my defense, not that it won't mean I didn't fail, I have to have Amanda here to fit it for 2 reasons.  1)I think I cut the bodice too high, and need to try it on to see if I can take off some of the height(which will make the spacing of the details nicer) and 2) I purposefully cut the hem too long so I could hem it while it was on her to just skim the ground.  Unfortunately this means I'll have to get her in that outfit and work like a mad fiend to get it pinned on Saturday when I have her for a bit.  But!  I got to sacrifice a million ornaments for her, and it's so fluffy and pretty!

The passing part is I'm already two of three wigs into August.  Sakujun I actually did last month and he's hanging around the reading room in his fabulocity.  Amy is currently on wig-head awaiting me to style out her pigtails, but she's parted, wefted, pigtailed and banged(that sounds so wrong) already, so she just needs corkscrews!  Lastly will be Kouchou, and I'm feeling a bit more confident than I was previously.  Hopefully I'll make some progress on that tomorrow.

So, yeah, I passed but I failed!  OMG now I wanna watch Real Genius!
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 Okay, as of right now I have to finish tacking down the back strap, and put in eyelets for Amy and she's done!  I'll go down and make up a set of tabi later, but I've got those pinned together and ready to go.  Really all I'll have left is to epoxy on the skulls...and do the things that aren't really official for the costume.  Whoot, go me.

Up next I've decided to work on my Steampunk and Amanda's Queen Serenity.  So, once again, lots of corsetry and floofyness.  I'm gonna do wig work as I have time and then all of August.  And if I don't get the wigs done, well honorable suicide is an option.

Edited for win status:  Done, hung up even, go me.  Will start pattern drafting tomorrow when I get home from work, whoot.
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 No, not bruises..well..wait...those too....  But Amy is nearly done, I've about twelve feet(not really, but hyperbole helps) of bias trim to sew down by hand, two buckles and corresponding eyelets to put on, and the butt bow.  I've just realized that lately I have a lot of butt bows.  Hmm, my ass apparently likes decoration.  Oh well.  Even with giving up this weekend for FUN I should be done by next Thursday!  Whoot!  Go me.

Is it bad I find it very suspicious when my roommate compliments my work?  Makes me wonder 1)what she wants and 2)what's wrong with it.  I are very suspicious person.
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 Okay, so need to grommet, once grommeting done need to lace and set up buckle locations and eyelets for lacing.  Attach the back strap/s/buckle.  Hand sew a shit ton of satin ribbon down.  Tack the core of the corset to the outer shell.  Hope to whatever deity I can think of it still fits in the end.  Decide if I'm sticking with the shoes I have or moving on and getting the hell on those.


Still on schedule.  Seriously.
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 So, got the dremmel up and going, got my lengths of boning ground down.  I'm awesome right?  Not quite, managed to FUBAR to things that told me to just put Amy down and walk away.  One, went to all the trouble of carefully measuring and pinning on the lace...only to hack it three inches too short.  Solution?  Bang head repeatedly on the wall, rip off the lace and reapply it when not a moron.  Two, while getting the dremmel set up I let the skirt brush against the machine...which low and behold was storing a lovely globule of oil just waiting for such a moment!  So now I have a sewing machine oil stain riiiiiiiiiiiight on my ass.  Lovely.  I shall be testing a few stain removal options on some scrap tomorrow, wish me luck.

However, even with these setbacks I'm nearly done with her outfit.  I've finished the sleeves, garters, all the components of her necklace and gotten her dress/top fully pinned together.  Next I shall sew the top pieces together, reapply the lace, and hopefully get the stain out prior to hemming the light purple layer.  Which had I been smart I should have French seamed that sucker.  Oh well, live and learn and do shit the hard way.  But yay for being on schedule!  

Up for next month:
Amanda's Neo Queen Serenity(this outfit scares the beejesus out of me!)
Wigging out! IE Amy's wig, Kouchou's wig, Sakujuns wig
And if I still have time/sanity
Red Mars Elissa 

Pray for me internets.
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 So, I'm about 65 percent of the way done with Amy.  Why would I be displeased with this sort of thing? Cause of two things.  One, I need a metal griding head for the dremmel and the roommate is acting like an idiot when I ask for it.  Two, every time I find the mold forms for the things I need cast it gets 'relocated'.  Three, I used one dye bath for four types of lace and ended up with four colors.  Are any one of these things going to stop me from finishing by the end of the month?  Hell no.  I will stay on schedule even if it kills her.  

Beyond that, uhm, I do not look forward to the month of wigging(August), cause it's gonna kill me.  One wig to center part and put into pigtails.  One wig to dye along with hand making wefts for it, lacefront and do an updo.  One wig to tint...which wouldn't be bad if it didn't reach my hips.  In theory one wig to create, assuming I can get the fabric for it.  Ugh.  I need a monkey to make wigs for me.
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 So, eight days ago I lost my furry man to kidney failure...and yes I know that has nothing to do with costuming to which I've decided this journal is for....  But, he was my baby and he deserves to cross post to any and all aspects of my life.  I won't hash it out in this area, but I needed to include it.

I've been a wigging fool of late, and have completed two of the three wigs I planned to have done this month.  The third is going to kill me as it shall require the creation of wefts, and I am pretty sure that's outside my skill set.  However, within my skill set I've drafted all of Amy Sorel's patterns now, so I just have to assemble her.  And dye her lace and get the RIGHT color ribbon for her.  So, assuming I actually do something costuming related on my two days off this coming week I should have her done lickety split.  All that's left on the other costumes for this month are the creation of tabi socks, and well...it's socks.  If I get really lazy I can just augment existing socks and say to hell with it.  

So yes, I'm staying on track dammit, no matter what life throws at me.  BTW, baby silk material?  Not made of babies, nor does it stain if you cry on it.  This is all.


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