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 Well, outside of a strip of velcro, a hook and a wig she's done.  Enough that I can consider myself only ONE DAY over my alloted time to finish Kouchou and Sakujun!  I sorta giggle at the overlapping fabric use betwixt the two of them, but :: does a happy dance:: I can say they're done enough to wear right now!  Well, once I go down and hem Sakujun they'll be done, but hemming takes motivation and ten minutes, so I figure I"ll have that done by the end of the day no problem-o!

Next on the list...::whips out a huge list:: shall be finishing off the Bleach Girls.  So that would be one hair bun, one Kosode, one set of Tabi, and two wigs. Also Amy Sorel from SCIII.  Sadly, I'll have to redo the underskirt I already made for her for two reasons; 1)it's ugly and 2) I can't fit into it anymore.  Two very good reasons, but suckily taking me back to square one on her.  The good news is that if I stay on task with two costumes a month I'll have the following left between now and September:
Formal Deadpool
Formal Nightcrawler
White Mars Elissa
Steam Punk Original
Queen Serenity

Which if you divide into two per month minimum I'll be done just after my deadline...which I think I can find acceptable since I had 22 at the start of the year, added in three more, took three off(so really maintained stasis).  So, come October 1 I will have 22 brand spankin' new costumes for myself and friends from this year.  Next year I'm retaining my sanity and just doing three.  Three really complex/big things, but just three!

Which reminds me, I seriously need help finding dove grey wool...feel free to help a costumer out folks.


Whoot!  Done outside of wigs! ::shakes some serious booty::  Now to scour the house to find the next round's stuff!
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 Even when I insist on doing things the hard way and bass ackwards.  Sakujun is pretty much done.  Some hemming, and finishing his belt and I can call him set to go.  Kouchou is my target Thursday(can't say tomorrow as I'm pretty sure I've hit midnight), so we'll see if I can kill myself to get her mostly done.  She can't be completely done until Amanda comes to get fitted, but I can do everything except the final stuff.  And, if I'm lucky and productive, that will keep me on track for the Two Costumes a Month goal.  And if I do that, I will indeed be done by the end of my year.  Go me.  Now I go sleep.
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 Thank you Gule, you may return to your work station now.

So, I've spent the last few days getting patterns up for Sakujun.  I realized after finishing it that I've used the wrong material for his one sleeve, but that's easily rectified...now if only I could recall why I had the other fabric in the first place....  I realize now the purple I'm using was supposed to go towards my brother's Joker costume...you'll forgive me if I'm not sad I'm misappropriating it.  If my luck and work ethic holds I'll have him mostly together by the end of this month.  Next to finish is Kouchou...she's about at the fifty percent point, so I should be able to kick it into gear this coming week and have her mostly done(sans wig) as well.

Speaking of wigs, I'm seriously intimidated by them of late.  I have five to get styled/created/colored/etc and I'm putting them all off.  I need to work on my wig-phobia ::makes note to look up the clinical word for that::  One will be easy; Sakujun just needs to be tinted, so all I need is a rediculous amount of alcohol and markers.  One needs to be put into an updo and bangs cut...this shall be avoided as cutting wigs scares me more than most.  One needs to have wefts created, then dyed, then assembled, then styled...this is only slightly more terrifying than the one I have to create a back part on, add extensions, make curls and cut bangs.  I have a problem and need help.  Or a professional stylist.

Beyond all of the above I've made little to no progress on anything else, someone breakout the whip and chair so I'm done on time this year!
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 Damn, I love days I feel really productive.  Yesterday I started and FINISHED adorable Yachiru's costume.  I'm just waiting on getting the right wheels for her sword and it's done!  Now if I can keep this motivation through today I can holler from the rooftops that I AM A PRODUCTIVE COSTUMER!  And if not...well...adorable is still in my house!  I think the whole reason was I re-watched Gungrave while doing everything.  It took me approximately 10 episodes from start to finish(juban, kosode, and hakama), so that's darn impressive IMO.  Aaaaaand, I love that series...really really love that series, and I can see all sorts of things now that I never noticed.  One day I may feel motivated to sit down and 'review' all my favorite series.  Just cause I can.  Once I figure out the stupid break/tag/divide doohickey(can I love that spell check fixes doohickey??).

And, the world will end, but I went to Denver Fabrics and left with ONLY what I went in for! O.o  Yes.  Nothing extra, nothing not on the list.  In fact yesterday I only spent fifty cents on something that wasn't on my list.  I rock.  Indeed I do.  

Now to go work on Sakujun, the color blind redhead... for which I need to now buy a snot ton of markers to tone his wig.  Yay rubbing alcohol!


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