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 Seriously, I can make just about anything else...well...okay, kimono give me a hard time too, but not like PANTS!  Argh!  Doesn't help that I'm also doing things like making a yoked waistband, gathered and gartered knee breeches as my most recent foray into the dreaded pants, but still.  Thankfully, once they're done I can do the bodice and those I do easy peasy rice and cheesey.  Then onto belts and a hat and the steampunk'll be done.  I have to get Amanda out for a trial fit on Serenity, but if I want to be done on time I need to get it all together and just do alterations.  Still scares me btw.  I'll take in the artbooks to work tomorrow to draw out the patterns I need to do on the top, then get crack-a-lackin' on her.  Save me from my hobbies, seriously.

Okay, for crack factor did the meme that's running around, the You Write Like one....  So, fic from years ago, I write like Davisd Foster Wallace, fic from decades ago I write like William Gibson(awesome, cyberpunk...wait, steampunk please?) and current fic I write like Leo Tolstoy...oh snap, my TB ficlets are like War and Peace??!  I do believe that I shall LOL over this now.

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 First off have to NOT howl with laughter as I watch something come together in my house.  The intent is for it to be amazing and awesome and SO PERFECT YOUR EYES WILL BLEED!  The results can be summed up in the statement(which needs to be made into a demotivational poster) Elitism: You're Doing it Wrong.  But hey, I know what I do isn't the bees knees, so I'm trying not to say anything.  Really.  It's killing me.

Up next, on a slightly more fail-worthy note.  I just realized I can post fan fiction here.  Oh dear god.  I've got so much hidden on my computer that I've not been willing to fling onto an official fan fiction site.  I may have to spam the journals with it.  Right now since literally no one knows I'm here I'll be safe...for a while...maybe....  We shall see.  If I do it shall be a bizarre mix of Trinity Blood, Marvel, and other non-crossedover fandoms of mine.  Though, with the recent OMG FanFiction is Ebil! I've seen going on from authors I'm a bit hesitant.  Not cause I agree or give credence to the stupidity of that statement, but because I don't want to be seen purposefully jabbing a stick into a hornets nest.  I may love watching people flail and rant, but I usually like to watch from the shadows.

Okay, off now to hang out with the most adorable Yachiru evers, and give her her lieutenant badge.  Her sword is nearly done, just gotta get the ties and wheels on.  Adorable I say, adorable.


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