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 So, outside of my Otake wig being <i>crooked</i> ::face palm:: when I put it on all went well with that costume.  Have to give the roommate major props for wrangling me into my obi; apparently not as easy as I assumed it would be.  Ironically got NO pictures taken of me by anyone not in my group, it was quite odd, but oh well.  But that's okay, next con is about three weeks out, and those costumes are all done and I just have to figure out which three I'm actually taking.

Working on redoing WFCatherine's top, it was a bit misfitted last time, and this time I'd like to not have to be always pulling it up.  Really all I have left is to trim the top, attach ribbons and decorate like a bedazzling idiot.  Heh, bedazzled.  Then after that I'm making Aurora's crown for Katchan, Yaichi and Undertaker for Fanime.  Go meeeeeeeee.

In other news, yes, I'm grateful I've got lots of commission, but I swear, the next one that bitches I've nto 'asked for any information' after I've TOLD THEM I won't ask for it until April I will bitch-slap them.  Hard.  OH, and may have 1-3 more commissions once May ends, muahahahah!
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 I apparently suck at Momware(traditional japanese hairstyle).  A lot.  I now get to take it all down, put more fiber into it and try again.  Did I mention the first try took six hours?  Yeah, it did.  The upside is that like Marlena's wig I'll spray it down with water as I fix it to unfix the hairspray which makes redoing it easier in a way.  Downside is we're going to be fostering a shiba coming monday which means I may not get a lot done with a dog in the house.  It's not yet warm enough to be in the dungeon for long bits of time and I somehow see me ending up being primary caretaker.....

In other news, attempting to cut apart my sandals for Otake today...everyone pray I come back with all my fingers.  I asked the roommate to do them over a month ago and nada, so I'm being proactive.  In theory all I need to do is cut them the right length, sand the edges, drill three holes and run lacing.  I'm screwed.

It Lives!

Feb. 18th, 2011 09:04 pm
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 :: Dragging body back onto site::
Uhm.  Yeah.  Hi.  Did I mention I was bad at posting with any regularity?  Cause I am.

So, 2010 is done ::kicks that corpse:: and I succeeded in finishing MOST of the costumes I had to do.  Serenity didn't happen as the site I use for my boning has been down for over a year....  If they're no longer online I'll kill something.  And the person I'm making it for has yet to order the wig extensions.  However, I finished all the others including Formal Femme Deadpool and Nightcrawler.  I also picked up a last minute character, Otake from House of Five Leaves and got her done except for the wig.

Now into 2011 I've forsworn making any new costumes as I plan to attend Fanime and have to save up for that.  I'm already to the point of getting the badge and the plane ticket by the end of this month, so the rest will just be the hotel room and spending money.  The good news there is apparently I'm getting slammed with commission work this year.  I've already finished three commissions, have three others and we're just in February!  So, if this continues I might be able to hit one other out of state con this year.  Crossin' digits.

Next on my To Accomplish list is Otake's wig.  I'm lace fronting the whole thing, so really would it be Lace edging?  It'll be a real challenge for me since it's a traditional Japanese up-do, and I've not done one to date.  

After that I have to get my commissions done, one for the end of March, one for Fanime itself.  Plus a surprise for said individual.  Then we'll be into the summer and I can break the 'not making a new costume' rule.  Since I just splurged on 15 yards of material at Denver Fabrics today.  But it's okay, commissions will offset the cost.  ::glee::
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 I have never, ever, had such issues with a wig!  Kouchou's wig is bound and determined not to exist!  I tried dying it and the three(really four) rounds of extensions over the last two days and it failed more miserably than anything I've tried in years!  The extensions finally took enough dye to be declared done, but the wig base now refuses to change colors! ::beating my head against a wall:: and to top it off Sakujun's stilts broke today when I did my practice run.  Lovely.  So, now to finish/fix those, finish Serenity, and fix Sebastian.  Lovely, I work well under pressure but this is a gun to my head.  Wish me luck.
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 So, I failed on my July challenge/costuming.  Serenity is sitting downstairs unfinished.  In my defense, not that it won't mean I didn't fail, I have to have Amanda here to fit it for 2 reasons.  1)I think I cut the bodice too high, and need to try it on to see if I can take off some of the height(which will make the spacing of the details nicer) and 2) I purposefully cut the hem too long so I could hem it while it was on her to just skim the ground.  Unfortunately this means I'll have to get her in that outfit and work like a mad fiend to get it pinned on Saturday when I have her for a bit.  But!  I got to sacrifice a million ornaments for her, and it's so fluffy and pretty!

The passing part is I'm already two of three wigs into August.  Sakujun I actually did last month and he's hanging around the reading room in his fabulocity.  Amy is currently on wig-head awaiting me to style out her pigtails, but she's parted, wefted, pigtailed and banged(that sounds so wrong) already, so she just needs corkscrews!  Lastly will be Kouchou, and I'm feeling a bit more confident than I was previously.  Hopefully I'll make some progress on that tomorrow.

So, yeah, I passed but I failed!  OMG now I wanna watch Real Genius!


Jul. 27th, 2010 10:23 pm
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 ...in a sea of organza. 

So, I've made many an outfit in my day.  But HOLY HELL this one may eat me!  I'm only a third of the way into it and I've already used 14 yards of fabric.  I still have to make a petticoat/tulled underskirt, detail the bodice, pleat in the skirts(there's three of them), hem said skirts, and make sleeves that defy logic and reason.  Oh yeah, FYI, doing Queen Serenity from Sailormoon.  Amanda you know this proves I love you right?  Cause, french-seaming 9+ yards of organza makes me weep.

Steampunk is still missing a hat and belt and front closures and busk and bias tape, but I'm just done with it for now.  Yes this means I'm falling behind...HOWEVER, I did tint/style Sakujun's wig, so I'm down a wig for next month.  Doesn't make it even, but does make it less.

I'm sorta costuming myself out I think.  Next year so not going to kill myself over costumes again.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  Who really believed that?
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 So, got the dremmel up and going, got my lengths of boning ground down.  I'm awesome right?  Not quite, managed to FUBAR to things that told me to just put Amy down and walk away.  One, went to all the trouble of carefully measuring and pinning on the lace...only to hack it three inches too short.  Solution?  Bang head repeatedly on the wall, rip off the lace and reapply it when not a moron.  Two, while getting the dremmel set up I let the skirt brush against the machine...which low and behold was storing a lovely globule of oil just waiting for such a moment!  So now I have a sewing machine oil stain riiiiiiiiiiiight on my ass.  Lovely.  I shall be testing a few stain removal options on some scrap tomorrow, wish me luck.

However, even with these setbacks I'm nearly done with her outfit.  I've finished the sleeves, garters, all the components of her necklace and gotten her dress/top fully pinned together.  Next I shall sew the top pieces together, reapply the lace, and hopefully get the stain out prior to hemming the light purple layer.  Which had I been smart I should have French seamed that sucker.  Oh well, live and learn and do shit the hard way.  But yay for being on schedule!  

Up for next month:
Amanda's Neo Queen Serenity(this outfit scares the beejesus out of me!)
Wigging out! IE Amy's wig, Kouchou's wig, Sakujuns wig
And if I still have time/sanity
Red Mars Elissa 

Pray for me internets.
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 So, I'm about 65 percent of the way done with Amy.  Why would I be displeased with this sort of thing? Cause of two things.  One, I need a metal griding head for the dremmel and the roommate is acting like an idiot when I ask for it.  Two, every time I find the mold forms for the things I need cast it gets 'relocated'.  Three, I used one dye bath for four types of lace and ended up with four colors.  Are any one of these things going to stop me from finishing by the end of the month?  Hell no.  I will stay on schedule even if it kills her.  

Beyond that, uhm, I do not look forward to the month of wigging(August), cause it's gonna kill me.  One wig to center part and put into pigtails.  One wig to dye along with hand making wefts for it, lacefront and do an updo.  One wig to tint...which wouldn't be bad if it didn't reach my hips.  In theory one wig to create, assuming I can get the fabric for it.  Ugh.  I need a monkey to make wigs for me.
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 Thank you Gule, you may return to your work station now.

So, I've spent the last few days getting patterns up for Sakujun.  I realized after finishing it that I've used the wrong material for his one sleeve, but that's easily rectified...now if only I could recall why I had the other fabric in the first place....  I realize now the purple I'm using was supposed to go towards my brother's Joker costume...you'll forgive me if I'm not sad I'm misappropriating it.  If my luck and work ethic holds I'll have him mostly together by the end of this month.  Next to finish is Kouchou...she's about at the fifty percent point, so I should be able to kick it into gear this coming week and have her mostly done(sans wig) as well.

Speaking of wigs, I'm seriously intimidated by them of late.  I have five to get styled/created/colored/etc and I'm putting them all off.  I need to work on my wig-phobia ::makes note to look up the clinical word for that::  One will be easy; Sakujun just needs to be tinted, so all I need is a rediculous amount of alcohol and markers.  One needs to be put into an updo and bangs cut...this shall be avoided as cutting wigs scares me more than most.  One needs to have wefts created, then dyed, then assembled, then styled...this is only slightly more terrifying than the one I have to create a back part on, add extensions, make curls and cut bangs.  I have a problem and need help.  Or a professional stylist.

Beyond all of the above I've made little to no progress on anything else, someone breakout the whip and chair so I'm done on time this year!


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