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Feb. 18th, 2011 09:04 pm
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 :: Dragging body back onto site::
Uhm.  Yeah.  Hi.  Did I mention I was bad at posting with any regularity?  Cause I am.

So, 2010 is done ::kicks that corpse:: and I succeeded in finishing MOST of the costumes I had to do.  Serenity didn't happen as the site I use for my boning has been down for over a year....  If they're no longer online I'll kill something.  And the person I'm making it for has yet to order the wig extensions.  However, I finished all the others including Formal Femme Deadpool and Nightcrawler.  I also picked up a last minute character, Otake from House of Five Leaves and got her done except for the wig.

Now into 2011 I've forsworn making any new costumes as I plan to attend Fanime and have to save up for that.  I'm already to the point of getting the badge and the plane ticket by the end of this month, so the rest will just be the hotel room and spending money.  The good news there is apparently I'm getting slammed with commission work this year.  I've already finished three commissions, have three others and we're just in February!  So, if this continues I might be able to hit one other out of state con this year.  Crossin' digits.

Next on my To Accomplish list is Otake's wig.  I'm lace fronting the whole thing, so really would it be Lace edging?  It'll be a real challenge for me since it's a traditional Japanese up-do, and I've not done one to date.  

After that I have to get my commissions done, one for the end of March, one for Fanime itself.  Plus a surprise for said individual.  Then we'll be into the summer and I can break the 'not making a new costume' rule.  Since I just splurged on 15 yards of material at Denver Fabrics today.  But it's okay, commissions will offset the cost.  ::glee::
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 So, I failed on my July challenge/costuming.  Serenity is sitting downstairs unfinished.  In my defense, not that it won't mean I didn't fail, I have to have Amanda here to fit it for 2 reasons.  1)I think I cut the bodice too high, and need to try it on to see if I can take off some of the height(which will make the spacing of the details nicer) and 2) I purposefully cut the hem too long so I could hem it while it was on her to just skim the ground.  Unfortunately this means I'll have to get her in that outfit and work like a mad fiend to get it pinned on Saturday when I have her for a bit.  But!  I got to sacrifice a million ornaments for her, and it's so fluffy and pretty!

The passing part is I'm already two of three wigs into August.  Sakujun I actually did last month and he's hanging around the reading room in his fabulocity.  Amy is currently on wig-head awaiting me to style out her pigtails, but she's parted, wefted, pigtailed and banged(that sounds so wrong) already, so she just needs corkscrews!  Lastly will be Kouchou, and I'm feeling a bit more confident than I was previously.  Hopefully I'll make some progress on that tomorrow.

So, yeah, I passed but I failed!  OMG now I wanna watch Real Genius!
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Okay, so, I'm a shoe fiend :: points at icon::  And I neeeeeever get rid of shoes unless they're beyond repair or finally too small(hasn't happened in two decades).  So, digging through my shoes I laughed as I encountered shoes I'd bought/used in 9th grade that are PERFECT for my steampunk outfit.  I'm painting brass detailing on them, and will probably add other things as well, but they're soooo perfect it's insane.  And I didn't even know I still owned them!  Doesn't help that I own over 50 pair of shoes, I often forget what I have :).

As for the rest of my outfit.  I'm fitting the tailed bodice today, then assembling it.  Lastly I'll mock up the hat and make that...and then I just have to wait to have money to make the belt/holster/combo unit!  I found a cute set of jewelers lenses that I'll paint, augment and attach to to my glasses and I'm good to go :)  I had a mock up of a necklace I wanted made, but now I highly doubt it would be feasible, it's ridiculously detailed.  But that's okay, and it means once I'm done in a day or so I can full speed into Amanda's costume so I can stay on time.  And OMG, I love the pants I made!!! I usually suck so hard at making them, but these are too cute!  And I already put in their button holes too, go me!

Nearly laughed my ass off when my roommate said she understood that we were 'entering crunch time for NDK'.  I informed her I'm done outside of wig work for that con, and she nearly smacked me.  Woulda be sooooooooo worth it. 
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 Seriously, I can make just about anything else...well...okay, kimono give me a hard time too, but not like PANTS!  Argh!  Doesn't help that I'm also doing things like making a yoked waistband, gathered and gartered knee breeches as my most recent foray into the dreaded pants, but still.  Thankfully, once they're done I can do the bodice and those I do easy peasy rice and cheesey.  Then onto belts and a hat and the steampunk'll be done.  I have to get Amanda out for a trial fit on Serenity, but if I want to be done on time I need to get it all together and just do alterations.  Still scares me btw.  I'll take in the artbooks to work tomorrow to draw out the patterns I need to do on the top, then get crack-a-lackin' on her.  Save me from my hobbies, seriously.

Okay, for crack factor did the meme that's running around, the You Write Like one....  So, fic from years ago, I write like Davisd Foster Wallace, fic from decades ago I write like William Gibson(awesome, cyberpunk...wait, steampunk please?) and current fic I write like Leo Tolstoy...oh snap, my TB ficlets are like War and Peace??!  I do believe that I shall LOL over this now.

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 Okay, as of right now I have to finish tacking down the back strap, and put in eyelets for Amy and she's done!  I'll go down and make up a set of tabi later, but I've got those pinned together and ready to go.  Really all I'll have left is to epoxy on the skulls...and do the things that aren't really official for the costume.  Whoot, go me.

Up next I've decided to work on my Steampunk and Amanda's Queen Serenity.  So, once again, lots of corsetry and floofyness.  I'm gonna do wig work as I have time and then all of August.  And if I don't get the wigs done, well honorable suicide is an option.

Edited for win status:  Done, hung up even, go me.  Will start pattern drafting tomorrow when I get home from work, whoot.


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