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Okay, so, I'm a shoe fiend :: points at icon::  And I neeeeeever get rid of shoes unless they're beyond repair or finally too small(hasn't happened in two decades).  So, digging through my shoes I laughed as I encountered shoes I'd bought/used in 9th grade that are PERFECT for my steampunk outfit.  I'm painting brass detailing on them, and will probably add other things as well, but they're soooo perfect it's insane.  And I didn't even know I still owned them!  Doesn't help that I own over 50 pair of shoes, I often forget what I have :).

As for the rest of my outfit.  I'm fitting the tailed bodice today, then assembling it.  Lastly I'll mock up the hat and make that...and then I just have to wait to have money to make the belt/holster/combo unit!  I found a cute set of jewelers lenses that I'll paint, augment and attach to to my glasses and I'm good to go :)  I had a mock up of a necklace I wanted made, but now I highly doubt it would be feasible, it's ridiculously detailed.  But that's okay, and it means once I'm done in a day or so I can full speed into Amanda's costume so I can stay on time.  And OMG, I love the pants I made!!! I usually suck so hard at making them, but these are too cute!  And I already put in their button holes too, go me!

Nearly laughed my ass off when my roommate said she understood that we were 'entering crunch time for NDK'.  I informed her I'm done outside of wig work for that con, and she nearly smacked me.  Woulda be sooooooooo worth it. 
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 Okay, so need to grommet, once grommeting done need to lace and set up buckle locations and eyelets for lacing.  Attach the back strap/s/buckle.  Hand sew a shit ton of satin ribbon down.  Tack the core of the corset to the outer shell.  Hope to whatever deity I can think of it still fits in the end.  Decide if I'm sticking with the shoes I have or moving on and getting the hell on those.


Still on schedule.  Seriously.
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 Had to get the other bit out, and didn't want it in this journal, cause...well...I refuse to have all my entries be about that!

::waves:: hello world, I shall be posting here for a while, or at least until I forget what I'm about or stop caring.  For now I'm leaving this open to all, but as time goes on this might change.  Feel free to say hi, or whatever, and flaming or stupid people shall be met with innane comments, you've been warned!

Today I feel terribly productive, I'm about halfway done with the basic construction of my stilts.  Yes, stilts.  I get to be tall!  6 foot 4 approximately!  Go me!  I'm pretty confident I can walk in them too, it's really just like reeeeeeally high shoes after all.  Once I have 'em done I'll show pictures here(to whom I'm not sure, but whatever).  Er, wait...maybe, as my usb port is dead as it the other computer in this house.  Amanda...I shall be using your computers now, kk?

Discovered I'd been laboring under an incorrect color scheme of late on another project, so I get to redo them ::head desk:: but that's okay, all I'm out is some fun foam and time and glue.  All of which I can live without....  Which reminds me, if I'm good I can take all of the above to work and work on it there ::evil grin::.  Poor work, you'll never know what hit you!

Okay, off to make sketches...once I find my pattern book...of what I'm going to work on tonight, have fun world!


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