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 So, eight days ago I lost my furry man to kidney failure...and yes I know that has nothing to do with costuming to which I've decided this journal is for....  But, he was my baby and he deserves to cross post to any and all aspects of my life.  I won't hash it out in this area, but I needed to include it.

I've been a wigging fool of late, and have completed two of the three wigs I planned to have done this month.  The third is going to kill me as it shall require the creation of wefts, and I am pretty sure that's outside my skill set.  However, within my skill set I've drafted all of Amy Sorel's patterns now, so I just have to assemble her.  And dye her lace and get the RIGHT color ribbon for her.  So, assuming I actually do something costuming related on my two days off this coming week I should have her done lickety split.  All that's left on the other costumes for this month are the creation of tabi socks, and well...it's socks.  If I get really lazy I can just augment existing socks and say to hell with it.  

So yes, I'm staying on track dammit, no matter what life throws at me.  BTW, baby silk material?  Not made of babies, nor does it stain if you cry on it.  This is all.


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