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 Damn, I love days I feel really productive.  Yesterday I started and FINISHED adorable Yachiru's costume.  I'm just waiting on getting the right wheels for her sword and it's done!  Now if I can keep this motivation through today I can holler from the rooftops that I AM A PRODUCTIVE COSTUMER!  And if not...well...adorable is still in my house!  I think the whole reason was I re-watched Gungrave while doing everything.  It took me approximately 10 episodes from start to finish(juban, kosode, and hakama), so that's darn impressive IMO.  Aaaaaand, I love that series...really really love that series, and I can see all sorts of things now that I never noticed.  One day I may feel motivated to sit down and 'review' all my favorite series.  Just cause I can.  Once I figure out the stupid break/tag/divide doohickey(can I love that spell check fixes doohickey??).

And, the world will end, but I went to Denver Fabrics and left with ONLY what I went in for! O.o  Yes.  Nothing extra, nothing not on the list.  In fact yesterday I only spent fifty cents on something that wasn't on my list.  I rock.  Indeed I do.  

Now to go work on Sakujun, the color blind redhead... for which I need to now buy a snot ton of markers to tone his wig.  Yay rubbing alcohol!
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Sigh, well until I figure out how to use the cut tags I'll be pausing on the plans to post fan-fiction.  Cuase...well...it works best if I feel people have to really want to read it then just find it via the Random Journal button.  True its just one more click, but that's the click that counts.

...btw...weird chest pains go away, I'm too young for you.
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 Ew, ew ew ew ewwwwwwww.  I think this is the beginning of biological warfare.  Fish and lilacs on the same evening?  And they've abandoned ship too.  Swear to god, I will nuke their world when I think of something suitable.  And if I wasn't starving I wouldn't bother to go down and brave the horrid smells, but i neeeeeeeeed food.

And had to verify with Adorable Yachiru's mom that I was allowed to give her nine year old a sword.  The mom is okay with it, which I think makes me love that family all the more.  Is it wrong I now want to put mom into Captain Mom?  Cause, it would be awesome.  Awesome.  And I want to drag them both into TB stuff, but I can't decide. 
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 First off have to NOT howl with laughter as I watch something come together in my house.  The intent is for it to be amazing and awesome and SO PERFECT YOUR EYES WILL BLEED!  The results can be summed up in the statement(which needs to be made into a demotivational poster) Elitism: You're Doing it Wrong.  But hey, I know what I do isn't the bees knees, so I'm trying not to say anything.  Really.  It's killing me.

Up next, on a slightly more fail-worthy note.  I just realized I can post fan fiction here.  Oh dear god.  I've got so much hidden on my computer that I've not been willing to fling onto an official fan fiction site.  I may have to spam the journals with it.  Right now since literally no one knows I'm here I'll be safe...for a while...maybe....  We shall see.  If I do it shall be a bizarre mix of Trinity Blood, Marvel, and other non-crossedover fandoms of mine.  Though, with the recent OMG FanFiction is Ebil! I've seen going on from authors I'm a bit hesitant.  Not cause I agree or give credence to the stupidity of that statement, but because I don't want to be seen purposefully jabbing a stick into a hornets nest.  I may love watching people flail and rant, but I usually like to watch from the shadows.

Okay, off now to hang out with the most adorable Yachiru evers, and give her her lieutenant badge.  Her sword is nearly done, just gotta get the ties and wheels on.  Adorable I say, adorable.
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Or rather stilts and swords.  I've gotten permission to kidnap two different people and place them in costumes of my choosing for events of my choosing.  The only downside?  I get to fund this.  Which...considering my tastes, severely limits my options.  I've already decided my friends 9 year old shall be the most adorable Yachiru/Mr.T in existence.  I'm working on her sword in the dungeon as I type...well...when I'm not typing and actually down there.  I've also remade her lieutenant's badge since I painted it all the wrong colors.  I need to get her mom to give me measurements so I can get her actual clothing together, and debating commissioning a friend for REAL waraji for her.  It would be beyond adorable....  But she's already that without much assistance.

The other person is a previous commissionee.  He felt bad for getting payment to me so late he said I had carte blanche to put him in a costume of my choosing.  I reeeeeeeeeeeeally want a Professor from TB but dear god the bling.  On the upside I'm about on schedule for my costuming this year, so I could fit it in; however, financially, I'm a bit strapped.  Oh well, if push comes to shove I'll have anime version this year, upgrade to manga or artbook the next!  Though I'm also tempted to make him Kenpachi just so my adorable Yachiru has a buddy....

My stilts work wonderfully!  I really should use more than just epoxy to hold them together, but I didn't plan it well enough to have places to put hardware, so it'll have to do.  I think as long as I learn how to walk in them, and go SLOW I'll be fine.  I shall be the most epically looming bad guy ever.  Ever.  And since they're done enough to get measurements in I can finally start on drafting his patterns.  I'll have to augment the underskirt I started, it'a bout six inches too short, but I can live with that.  Shit ton of hemming though since it's a doubled circle skirt.  And I'm tempted to make fake shoe fronts for the bottom of my stilts so I have shoes peeking out should I stand just right.

Latest TB novel and manga came out, got more references for the next of my projects from that.  Just need money to come in so I can order fabric swatches.  I'm torn on colors, but since it's black and white with no mention of colors I can do as I please.  At least no mention thus far.  We'll see what's going on when the next in the novel series comes out; knowing my luck it'll tell me how wrong I am again.  But I can live with it since one in a hundred thousand will know I'm wrong.

And need to think up ideas on how to keep the house clean.  I can do it, but the roommate is exploding everywhere.  'parently the dungeon isn't big enough she needs to use alllllll the areas everywhere.  TTFN back to the dungeon I go!
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 Had to get the other bit out, and didn't want it in this journal, cause...well...I refuse to have all my entries be about that!

::waves:: hello world, I shall be posting here for a while, or at least until I forget what I'm about or stop caring.  For now I'm leaving this open to all, but as time goes on this might change.  Feel free to say hi, or whatever, and flaming or stupid people shall be met with innane comments, you've been warned!

Today I feel terribly productive, I'm about halfway done with the basic construction of my stilts.  Yes, stilts.  I get to be tall!  6 foot 4 approximately!  Go me!  I'm pretty confident I can walk in them too, it's really just like reeeeeeally high shoes after all.  Once I have 'em done I'll show pictures here(to whom I'm not sure, but whatever).  Er, wait...maybe, as my usb port is dead as it the other computer in this house.  Amanda...I shall be using your computers now, kk?

Discovered I'd been laboring under an incorrect color scheme of late on another project, so I get to redo them ::head desk:: but that's okay, all I'm out is some fun foam and time and glue.  All of which I can live without....  Which reminds me, if I'm good I can take all of the above to work and work on it there ::evil grin::.  Poor work, you'll never know what hit you!

Okay, off to make sketches...once I find my pattern book...of what I'm going to work on tonight, have fun world!


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